Wednesday, February 20, 2013


WOW!! Things have been crazy since coming back from Mardi Gras break, I am still running back and forth with my daughter in the hospital, but yeah good news, she is improving and doing so much better, BEWARE OF MEDCINE- her first doctor had her on too much medicine and it was doing more harm than good, making her more depressed and angry. SO of course I am switching doctors, but also grateful for the one she has in the hopsital right now.

Back to school , I have decided to work on another masters degree, I have one in early childhood, but I want to learn more about psychology) to help prevent things like what happened to my daughter, I would like to catch it before it turns into a suicide attempt. I started this semster taking two night classes and I am loving them, I am learning things that help when her doctors speak to me, I have heard the terminology and can understand a little of what is going on. I had my first test online last night and made an "A" so proud of myself with everything going on.

Well as for as myself I joined the Girls On the Run team at school to help out as a coach. I am just getting into the gym myself so I thought this would help motivate me. I know I am rampling on tonight, but I have to VENT somewhere. I am not a good runner, I was a smoker but on September 17,  2012 I quit, so that make 5 months smoke free. I am hoping that will help with my running , now if I could just start to lose weight, but with the stress in my life I feel that is such a hard task, but that is my goal this week , and it is to just try. I guess I better post are I will wind up writing a book tonight LOL-

Well tomorrow is going to a bad stormy day for us, so it will be inside and gloomy for my kindergarteners, I need to think of some fun inside things to do for tomorrow. Any ideas please send them my way


  1. Hi April, I found your blog via the TBA new bloggers linky. I'm your newest follower! Congrats on the decision to go back to school. I know it's so much hard work and takes time that you don't have, but it will be worth it in the long run. Looking forward to more of your posts!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  2. Inside and gloomy, my kinderkids loved the YouTube brain break video: Move It...Move It. They danced all around the room. I just googled move it and videos, I did peek at it before I played it for them. I hate when things are not what you think they are going to be.


    1. Thanks for the advice, I will try it today we had horrible weather last night so today will be another wet and gloomy day