Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thankful for Teaching!!!

As a teacher , you will more likely have a day when you wonder if this is the job for you!!

You will have those days when you are on the verge of quitting. You are frustrated from having so many things to do.

  • You have forms to turn in to the office.
  •  You have parent phone call to return. 
  • You have a behavior problem that needs your immediate attention. 
  • You know that how and when you reply to each task is important. 
  • But how can you possible do it all ? 

About two weeks ago I was feeling the same way of so many people in education. Just very overwhelmed. I was on the phone that morning about 6 am with my mom. I was complaining about my frustrations and she said something like this , "April  you choose this career." Well that really stuck in my head on the way to work , so while driving and praying on my way to school.

I prayed and talked to God to show me my reason to be there doing what I was because I was really struggling with my career choice that week.

 Well he sure did show me. Bright and early that morning I was complimented by our Assistant Principal for handle a child during a behavior issue and it made me really look at what I was doing , was not going unseen. We sometimes feel like we are alone when we are in those room with our 26 little friends that no one knows what we are going through but they see and I mean everyone. So later on that same day at dismissal bell .
My little friend that I struggle with daily was extra hyper and on the ball by the end of the day. My student had ran down the hall and wrapped his arms around both my legs and hugged me so tight and he looked up at my face and said " I love you Miss April "

So that day God spoke to me through my job , showing me why I was there. Just remember how much you do for your students and how much you mean to them and it all seems worth it!! God has called me to be a teacher and I will be all that I can be and you let yourself be all that you can be. Let Him use you. Like I am letting him use me!!!

I created a Freebie for being Thankful for Teaching !!
I have posted over 100 item in my store.
I have one freebie downloads with over 10,000.
I am back and really liking the blogging I am hoping to get better and learn more.

I want to talk about my freebie. I made a Christmas Roll and Cover  and Color Math Center Activity.
I used the cutest Clip art from Kristi Walden  I  just love the little trees.

I made a cute Roll and Cover game. Kai loved using the dice and playing . !!  Kai is a five year old Kindergarten student, he loves these roll and cover and the coloring ones. We used regular dice and we used some wipe off , wipe on ones I  had. We also used from my eraser storage cute emoji erasers as the covers for the game. He used some smiley faces for counters to add the dice together on the ones he didnt know. I love that he loved to figure out the  math problems. Click here to get the Freebie in my TPT store !!! April Chauvin's ABC 123 Classroom 

 Freebie !!!! Christmas Roll and Cover

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Teacher Made Kid Approved !!!

Hello I started this blog many years ago but never really could get it started!! I came across Teachers Pay Teachers and was like so intrigued with it and so I created some items and was like "oh I have stuff to post already". I really enjoyed making things for my classroom. The first time I sold an item I was so excited and each month it would get better and better, and the more I would make the better it was!!!

  • I was sick a lot and Then I was struggling to be able to make things, I was diagnosed with Lupus and COPD and quit smoking!!! I have been smoke free for five years on Sept 17th Actually I got sick first for a few months, then I had a very sick child. So many things happened and then Dad got sick !! I was feeling horrible and needed to start taking care of myself but it seemed like I was always making sure someone else was okay. I have learned if I dont take of me first , I wont be around to help others. So I have been taking care of me and I am starting to feel so much more like the old April.

  • After losing my dad this year a new perspective of life and how short it is came across me and we need to put family first and spend and do as much as you can with your love ones. You never know when it will be your last. 
  • Well my first life saving strategies for teachers : Find something you love to do !! 
  • Besides Teach!! 
  • Examples (Reading, bowling, dancing, camping, making shirts, creating teacher items) 

      1. Find that ONE thing you love to do and do it with all your heart !!!!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monday, December 30, 2013

Cute Winter Freebie

Relaxing on my time off, Getting Alot done. I am working on some new projects, and part of the listing is an emergent reader.  Please take a look at it for Free at my TPT store

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Good Morning,

January Calendar

January Winter  Calendar Pieces

Very Cute and comes with header.
Head on over to my store and check this freebie out

Monday, December 16, 2013


We had Grinch Day on Friday !!!! Everything we did all week included the Grinch We watched the movie , read the story and made a Grinch We discussed the before and and after of how the Grinch's personality change and his heart grew Friday we had Grinch punch , Whooville pudding and everything GREEN, GREEN, GREEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

ABC 123 Kindergarten : HELP !!!! Classroom Issue

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