Thursday, November 21, 2013

HELP !!!! Classroom Issue

Our district just told us we have to removed our carpet out of all classrooms. I have a huge colored square carpet that sits 30 kids. They are colored with red, purple, blue, green, and orange, which matches my table colors and the kids chair pockets. I have to come up with something to put down on the floor to keep the kids in their own spot. So they have their space. I am looking for any ideas, suggestions, anything and if so please send pictures for ideas. They are saying we may get rubber mat, but. I am not sure about that. I thought about putting each kid something down on the floor with contact paper, or using coloring tape.

 HELP , I have to do this right away.

Thanks for any ideas, and thought because I know with all our teaching heads together someone will be able to help me come up with a new thing to do.


  1. I used to have the kids make their own mats w/ crayon resist names on oaktag; they would paint them w/ watercolor and then draw stuff on them or add stickers then I would laminate them and they would use them til they "died" and then we would make more (usually only 2 or 3 per year..) I could place them how I needed them each day...took 2 minutes, if that... then I could separate the ones needing separation, etc. Hope this helps... :)

    1. Thank you so much that is a great idea. I look forward to trying this.